Sports betting

What is the difference between sports betting in different countries?

Do you realize that sports betting has been going on for centuries? Ever since someone has played sports, people have been betting on sports. The reasons people bet on sports are always the same; The betting is fun and you have the chance to make money.

Sports betting has been around since the first sports competitions and has a long history of development. So how do sports betting differ from country to country?

In the UK

Sports betting is native to the United Kingdom, and is completely understandable as it is extremely popular here. Since legalization in 1961, sports betting has become the favorite pastime of a large number of people.

Today, sports betting, lottery and horse riding are considered traditional British entertainment. The United Kingdom is the country with the highest percentage of players under 21 years of age worldwide. The most popular sport for betting is football, followed by tennis.

In the USA

The United States is known for its harsh and tough measures against the betting industry. Since 1992, all betting activities have been banned at the federal level to stop the game variants of gangsters.

The only state permitted to offer sports betting legally in the United States is Nevada. The most popular sports to bet on in the United States are football and basketball at 36% and 31%.


Sports betting has been completely legal in Australia since 1980. The only restrictions regarding sports betting are related to advertising on TV and radio at certain times of the day.


The Italian sports betting market is the second largest in Europe after the UK “betting giant”. Like most European countries, especially those with big revenues, football is at the top of the list of betting sports. Other popular bets sports are tennis and volleyball.

While in some countries, sports betting is legal and receives noticeable profits. However not everyone understands this and accidentally pushes the betting business into the dark.