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Things you should know when betting on golf in the UK (Part 2)

Golf betting tactics

Choosing to play Golf is like betting on other sports when you will not be 100% sure of your winning rate. Accordingly, in addition to the professional element, luck is something you also need to have in each of your fun.


McIlroy Rory is currently leading the world rankings with 9,4474 points, far ahead of the 2nd place by the Spanish golfer Rahm Jon 8,4798 points. So betting McIlroy Rory will give you a higher chance of winning. However, this is not certain because it will depend a lot on the style of golfers.

But do not let this be a distraction; The bookmaker’s betting odds have, fortunately, accurately reflected this lack of stability, and for a golfer there is still potential and lots of value throughout the year.

Factors that affect your ability to win

With every Golf bet you need to pay attention to many factors such as weather conditions, golf courses, current performance of golfers.

Besides, in the direct confrontation between 2 golfers, you need to see the performance of confrontation between them to make a more accurate judgment for yourself.

Types of rafters in golf betting

Two of the professional golf systems are LPGA Tour and European Tour – Scottish. With such tournaments, the house will list the golf odds. In this article we will introduce to the players all kinds of rafters or betting, watch it!

Some rules of golf competition

Times where golfers touch the ball will count as 1 point. Repeat these times until the ball is introduced into the hole. The golfer with the least score wins. Regular golf courses usually have 18 roads in total. But the player can play only one round or half or even two rounds corresponding to all 9 strokes, 18 strokes or 36 shots.

Great deal for golf sports for the rich

For stroke play, players count a total of strokes over 18 holes. The player with the lowest number of strokes during the round will win the match. For pit competitions, each hole is a separate battle. The player with the least number of clubs at each hole wins the hole. The person who wins the most holes will win the whole match.