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Things you should know when betting on golf in the UK (Part 1)

Golf is considered a noble sport, in fact this is a sport that has been formed for a long time and it is quite expensive for players to play betting, even slightly better than football.

Because it is an attractive sport, golf betting also attracts many players. Especially because of the peculiar nature of this sport, it is perfectly normal for you to meet odds such as 50/1, 66/1 or even 100/1.

How to play golf betting

Like other sports betting, golf also has a lot of tournaments that you can choose. Besides there are also many types of bets that you can choose to join. Maybe it’s the 6 or 3 golfer wagering first, betting the whole match.

Bet the winner of the tournament

This is one of the longest bets in this sport. Accordingly you will predict that the golfer will win that tournament. With this type of bet, the payout ratio is extremely high, and depending on the popularity and level of each golfer, the reward you get when placing them also has many differences.

The golfer leads the US or Europe, the UK and Ireland

This is a popular bet and has been present in many online bookmakers. This type of bet you can find in many countries, Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam.

Top 3 golfers to the top

When a golf tournament is over, the golfers will be ranked in the rankings depending on the achievement they can achieve. Accordingly, the Top 3 type of golf bet on the top is also extremely popular today. Accordingly you will predict 3 golfers will go on even the house W88 also let you predict the top 6, 8, 10 or even the top 20.

Betting match

Before a Golf match you can bet that 2 or 3 golfers will score the highest or lowest score in that match. This is considered the type of bet many players enjoy betting today.