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The odds of betting on English Premier League football league (Part 3)

The position of the team in the standings

The top and the bottom are very similar, both need to win to climb higher in the tournament or surpass the relegation group of the tournament. But The middle top team will have many difficult surprises.

When a team is very safe to relegate, but the distance to the top is extremely far away, their coach will surely want to hold on to the results and protect the players’ feet, for the tournament The match always takes place in parallel with the Premier League.

For some clubs, maintaining a position in the Premier League is still more important than winning the top 1 because their players are inferior to their opponents, making it difficult to compete at the top.

Home advantage of the team. This factor also has two sides quite a lot, so it affects quite a bit on the match result. Playing at home with many spectators cheering for each pitch certainly makes players more excited in most cases.

But there are also times when it is invisible pressure when the games your team is forced to win will be difficult, or the underrated opponent scores the lead. The home-field factor should be considered when the performance of the team is unclear or poor.

The history of the meeting of two pairs, the last 10 matches of the two teams. This is also quite a positive reference if the two teams are equally capable.

Parallel tournaments with the Premier League

This is definitely a difficult issue to control. It is very common in England that a team plays multiple tournaments at the same time. For example, Liverpool at the present time has the densest schedule in the world. Liverpool is participating in the Premier League 2019 – 2020, the FA Cup 2020, the European Club Championship, the British League Cup.

It is difficult to imagine how Liverpool can attend so many tournaments and still maintain the style. extremely high at this point. This is a typical example of the side effect of a surprise but does not affect the performance of the main leagues. And additional factors like this are many times when it becomes much more difficult to watch the English football match.

But most of the time when teams play with too much pressure, the number of consecutive matches, the pressure from different leagues and opponents are diversified, the injury will be inevitable and That is the main reason contributing to increasing variables for every Premier League match.