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The difference between the betting market of MMA and the boxing

The MMA world certainly understands the betting market as a huge source of profit for them, but why is MMA still losing boxing in the betting market?

You probably didn’t know, but one of the biggest bets ever placed on the MMA is worth $ 77,000. Meanwhile, the boxing village can easily earn dozens or even hundreds of betting sheets worth 10 times that number in big games.

Betting profits are also a source of life and the opportunity for professional boxers to change their lives

Boxing broke into new age

The first modern boxing matches were tied to betting – around the early 1800s. In fact the culture of betting on medieval matches, but compared as a modern fighting sport, the 19th century landmark is perhaps the most plausible measure.

Obviously, Conor McGregor makes ‘huge’ money by encroaching on the boxing field, not the opposite. And for comparison, remember that almost 200 years after that milestone, the first UFC MMA match came out.

Trends and psychology

Who wouldn’t bet a soccer match just because their friends were in? The same goes for Boxing. MMA has been slower than Boxing in the historic race and this is the minus it suffers when it has fewer fans.

Boxing and betting are something that has been associated with European and later American history. On the other hand, boxing betting was inherently associated with modern European aristocracy. A noble who can’t bet is not a “genuine” aristocrat, that mentality must still exist to this day. Yes, a trendy bettor must know boxing betting.

MMA is more complicated than boxing

The art of real betting is to have a clear understanding of the problem in which you are choosing the outcome. Boxing and MMA both have different complications, but due to their aggregate properties, the MMA problem has too many variables and the results of the match can take place in directions that the bettor does not expect.

UFC distrust the audience?

This is the last factor because it is considered the least important. However, it is undeniable that the UFC is losing the trust of the audience – especially since Ronda Rousey’s career has been so unexpectedly broken or Conor McGregor has been constantly on the sidelines.

There is not yet any legal evidence to say the UFC arranges the match for money, but for bettors, one suspicion is enough for them to put the money back into their wallet.