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Overview of football betting in the UK this year (Part 1)

When Wayne Rooney signed a contract to join the Championship club Derby County early this year, he immediately got experts to ask questions. They are curious to know if the former Manchester United and England star will help Derby County’s strength, or thanks to him the club’s financial situation will improve.

According to Derby County’s confirmation, they will officially receive the service of Rooney in January. Then the “Shrek guy” will wear a 32 shirt. Coincidentally, Derby County is sponsored by 32 Red, the online sports betting company based in Gibraltar.

Because of the obvious connection between Rooney’s shirt and sponsor, Derby County has been strongly condemned by the British media, politicians, even the church. All say that the Rooney deal is the latest evidence that clubs and betting companies have pushed their commercial relationship too far.

According to CEO Kenny Alexander of GVC Holdings (closely related to betting company Ladbrokes Coral), there are too many ads related to betting appearing on TV or player’s shirts today.

Alexander said that Derby County and 32 Red should not sign a contract at such a sensitive time. He affirmed that in order to survive and develop, in the immediate future, sensitive issues related to betting companies should not appear with high frequency in the newspapers.

In fact, the reality is not so widespread everywhere. For example, the law restricting betting ads in Italy will take effect this year. In May, authorities in Germany warned the country’s Football Association not to shake hands with GVC’s Bwin.

Such laws, if applied in Britain, would threaten the relationship between clubs and bookmakers that have existed for several decades. As a result, the revenue of the parties will be at risk of decline. Statistics show that now half of the 20 teams in the Premier League and 2/3 of the 24 teams in the Champions League allow betting companies to place logos on shirts.

Be aware, thanks to the aggressive advertising campaign that betting companies have attracted hundreds of millions of players worldwide. Statistics show that in the UK alone, the annual betting amount has increased from £ 908 million in 2016 to £ 1.4 billion this year.