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Overview of football betting in England this year (Part 2)

Donors are generally very diverse. For example, Everton and Hull City are partners of SportPesa, LoveBet shook hands with Burnley, while Norwich City agreed to advertise for Dafabet. In fact, in 2018 alone the house has “pump” for 26 clubs in England 225.2 million pounds (accounting for 11 of the total revenue of the team).

However, it should be emphasized that none of the “big six” clubs in the Premier League (Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Liverpool) have partners. For them, it is more beneficial to keep the reputation with the fans than to receive money from the betting companies to suffer some invisible pressure (if any).

As for the small teams, they do not have too many fans but often appear on television, so it is highly appreciated by betting companies. That’s why up to 14% of the revenue of the Championship teams comes from these partners.

According to the Football Association of England, the agreement between the teams, the organizer of the tournament and the betting firms has contributed significantly to the sustainable development financially at all levels. Meanwhile, British sports minister Nigel Adams is requiring the parties to strictly abide by the laws related to betting.

The problem is that there are no clear rules to limit bookmakers’ influence on the club they sponsor. For their part, the striker in the UK also have to solve the problem related to morality and financial sustainability.

Opponents of the bookmakers’ promotion are too comfortable to point out, fans now have no role in matches, unless they are betting. Basically, they had a successful first step in the struggle forcing the British government to reduce the number of gaming machines in circulation.

The tough measure put the bookmakers like Barclays, Ladbrokes Coral, William Hill and Paddy Power Betfair at a loss of up to £ 875 million. To deal with this problem, the companies mentioned above had a meeting and agreed to restrict advertising before and after each match.

All hope therefore is that they will be less vulnerable to the impact of those who oppose the widely advertised betting. However, with the recently signed agreement with Derby County, 32Red put the very treaty between the bookmakers at risk of collapse.