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Learn about types and rules of tennis betting in the UK nowadays (Part 2)

If a match is 6-6 then both players are forced to play the Tie-Breaks series to determine whether to win or lose that set.

The player who gets the 7th point in the previous Tie-Break series will win the game and set but must also win the opponent 2 points away if the same 6 points continue playing when the distance is 2 points.

Tennis betting is popular

Types of tennis betting

– Money Line Bet: This is the betting type that the player will bet on which player wins the match.

– FT.HDP: Set a handicap in the whole game.

– FT Game HDP: Handicap game in a full game.

– FT.O / U: Bet on Over / Under the whole game according to the game.

– Tie Break in Game: Bet on whether there will be a tie break or not

Set betting: Bet on the exact number of points in the match

Total Game: This bet is based on the prediction of the player’s score in the game.

Total Tie break: Bet on how many tie break series the match will have.

– Total Aces: Total number of direct scoring shots.

– FT.O / E: Odd / Even bets of the whole game according to the game.

– Set 1 Winner: Bet on the player to win in Set 1

– Set 1 Game Handicap: Bet on Game Handicap in Set 1.

– Set 1 Total Game Over / Under Bet on the sum of games in Set 1 to be Over / Under.

Things to keep in mind when playing Tennis betting

Players need to have a good understanding about this sport before betting on it

The most important thing when playing betting is that players need to have a good understanding of how to play this sport. In addition, players also need to prepare capital to prevent inadequacies when playing tennis betting.

There is a reasonable strategy. Play betting as well as a long and special brain game, this game is not for people without patience. When starting to choose to play tennis betting, the first thing you need to do is to work out a clear strategy for yourself to be able to fight the game in the long term.