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Instructions on how to bet on boxing at online casinos (Part 2)

Total round

For betting purposes, a half-round will be 1 minute and 30 seconds and based on this determination as over or under. If the number of rounds changes after the market has been established; then bets are valid unless the number of new rounds is more than the specified number of rounds.

Money Line

This is a simple and common bet, i.e. wagering on a guessing match for the winner of the match, this bet you have to understand about the puncher you made. then we can be sure, but sometimes it is still intuitive to judge.

Over/Under betting: a form of betting on total points, and most all boxing matches last 10-12 innings, so the total number of sets is usually bet by the house. They have stated that it is 7 or 8. If it is 8 then many players will bet whether the matches will be over before or after in that 8th round.

Parlay betting

A bet on a single ticket that results in a full win, meaning that if there is any draw in the entire match, the player will lose all stakes. This bet is considered to be the riskiest bet but is most likely to be the most profitable for the participant, and this bet is usually a bet on the top fists, and the punches usually have Knock Out matches.

Betting in boxing is more and more popular

Draw bets

Boxing wagers are less commonly used, however, some bookmakers still do this. It is a wager on a glove match that ultimately results in a draw, but this is also highly risky, as there are often very few draws in boxing.

Betting experience

When betting on boxing in online casinos, you need to pay attention to many questions about where and how to place the bets properly, and this is also a match-fighting sport so it must also go to the upper door, the lower door, the recent performance of the punchers, but find a reasonable way to bet.


Hopefully, my boxing betting guide above will help you somewhat understand more about boxing, which is the center of betting for many enthusiasts in the world. Good luck!