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Basics about betting on cricket

Online cricket betting is a method of betting based on the rules set by the house. The cricket betting odds are usually more affordable than other sports.

New bet types are hot

A cricket match with 2 participating teams, 11 players each and competing on a circular pitch. Just like in baseball, the two teams take turns hitting the ball and serving. Each match with two innings has such a rotation method. This is a scoring sport, ending the battle, the team that gains more points wins.

For cricket betting to be easier and more interesting, you must understand the rules of the game. Only when you know the law, can you make valid statements.

Cricket rules

At the beginning of the cricket match, the batting team will appoint 2 heads of an empty strip called Pitch. Each end has 3 wooden poles that are closed and will bring 2 wooden sticks lying on top called Wicket.

The remaining team will send 1 pitcher and some people stand around waiting for the ball. The goal of the pitcher is to make the ball bounce from the ground and break three wooden stakes behind the batter.

The goal of the batter is to knock the ball out to protect Wicket. After hitting the ball, two people with sticks must run up and down between the two ends of Pitch to earn points. Two players will be disqualified when the following situations happen.

Wicket is broken.

The team that catches the ball catches the ball struck within the stroke of the club before the ball has touched the ground.

The foot batter protrudes, standing in front of Wicket.

Slide 3 balls in a row.

High payout odds for cricket betting

The hottest bet type is currently the winner of the tournament. Due to the very high payout ratio, this type of bet is very popular with players.

The teams will be sorted in order from the strongest to the weakest. Each team has their own payout ratio. Players can also rely on these parameters to infer the situation of the team. Any team eliminated will be removed from the list.

Odds will be updated for consecutive matches and tournaments. Odds will also stick to the actual situation.

If you like sports betting, you can not ignore Cricket.